Frontend UI Developer

As a Frontend UI Developer, you’ll work on global fintech innovation, blockchain-based products, and socially responsible projects. Join us in either our brand-new office in Bratislava or one of our other four offices (Kosice, Prague, Brno, Budapest). Or work remotely.

Here’s what you will do

  • The primary task is to translate documents from designers from a graphics tool (Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, etc.) into a code that will take care of rendering the UI. 
  • An expected output (depending on seniority, of course – expectations are different from junior and mid developer) is to propose a structure to the code that should be robust in design updates and other requirements, and other team members can update it without any worries.
  • If necessary, design UI / UX for new components based on existing design
  • Applications can be web or mobile (so far primarily on web technologies), depending on the project.
  • We use a stable and more cutting-edge tech stack: SASS, styled-components, Next.js, create-react-app, less, stylus, React.js, Svelte.js, React Native, TailwindCSS,…

Who do we look for

  • Knowledge of HTML & CSS at a good level (you can write CSS without constant googling it), as most of our projects, are based on web technologies
  • Experience with some graphic editors (Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, XD), you should be able to navigate their interfaces and have an idea about  design processes;
  • Experience with some of SASS, Less, BEM, Atomic Design, TailwindCSS
  • Programming experience, as you will implement all these designs directly into projects and not only into HTML and CSS – we are using React.js
  • Motivation to learn new things, as the position is often associated with a shorter operation on one project and a change of a tech stack
  • You take Good UX as a basic requirement of a good UI and not as something that should be added over time, you have an overview of the basic requirements of the web and mobile platform
  • Hackathons, short deadlines do not discourage you and you take them as a challenge


Full-time job


1,600 – 5,000 EUR


Bratislava, Prague, Brno, Kosice, Budapest, remote

Or send us an email at

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A few perks we call benefits

In Vacuumlabs we value and respect each other. We’re trying to create the best possible environment for all of us. It’s not only about material benefits, but also about helping each other grow and learn new things.

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Life at Vacuumlabs

We value and respect each other while trying to create the best possible environment for all of us. It’s not only about material benefits, but also about helping you grow and learn new things. We call it the Vacuumlabs way.