Process Designer / Product Owner

We are looking for a Process Designer for our Finance department to help us analyse existing processes and find ways to automate them. You don’t need to have a financial background but you have to be a techie! 

Vacuum Group finance department supports over 300 people in more than 10 portfolio companies spanning across legal, healthcare, engineering, and data science sectors.

At this scale, effectiveness is more important than ever. It’s important that we optimize our processes, research and set-up the right tools, and find areas suitable for automation.

About Vacuumlabs

Ten years ago, we founded Vacuumlabs—currently a leading Slovak digital product design and engineering company. Vacuumlabs focuses on fintech & cryptocurrencies. We have projects and clients ranging from San Francisco to Tokyo, we are expanding our team of 250+ professionals across offices on three continents (Honk Kong, New York, London, Bratislava, Prague, Kosice, Brno, Budapest).

Few years ago we started launching our own products and spinoffs. Our successful spin offs include legal advisory for tech companies and for individuals, automatic trademark registration, famous developer conference, US digital bank, top ADA cryptocurrency wallet, COVID testing service, first co-working space in Slovakia, and data science company.

In your new position you will

  • Work under our CFO and work closely with the finance team members.
  • Analyze and understand current workflows in the department, understand the needs driving them, and find ways to simplify them, and make them more robust and effective.
  • Implement new processes, and formalize old ones.
  • Research existing tech solutions that would allow us to automate some processes away.
  • Work closely with our inhouse engineering team to implement custom IT solutions.
  • You will have direct access to our board of directors which will be a great learning & career opportunity.


After observing the invoice lifecycle within the department, you gather following observations:

  1. The process is very manual. Every single invoice needs to be typed into the system and this takes a lot of time.


  2. People don’t get feedback on the invoices they’ve sent and need to manually follow up to get confirmation that payment has been sent.
  3. There is a duplication of efforts among our internal team and our outsourced accountants, as some of the values are processed manually twice.


You analyze our options and come up with a solution that involves: migrating to a more flexible accounting system, integration ZenDesk with our invoicing system to keep people notified of outgoing payments, and using Datamolino for invoice OCR. You oversee the whole implementation and three months later, when the new system is tested and deployed, you celebrate saving hundreds of hours of manual work.

You are right fit for this position if you

  • Are an analytical type who look at processes as algorithms executed by humans. You have a strong common sense and always ask the question Why? Often, you don’t improve the processes, you just eliminate them.
  • You can empathise with users. You don’t think only about making our systems and processes simpler and faster, you always strive to make them user friendly for the people we serve.
  • You are techie. You can research right IT solutions, you can set them up, play with them, and don’t get distracted by steep learning curves.
  • You can prioritize. It doesn’t make much sense to optimize a process which takes 1% of total effort, while leaving lots of low hanging fruit in other workflows that make more than 60% of total effort.
  • You can think out of the box. Optimizing workflows within the existing framework of goals and requirements is a good start. But, sometimes, you can achieve much more if you rethink the assignment entirely. You’re not afraid of doing so.


Full-time job


2,500 – 3,500 EUR
 + 10% on top in equity


Bratislava or remote

Or send us an email at

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A few perks we call benefits

In Vacuumlabs we value and respect each other. We’re trying to create the best possible environment for all of us. It’s not only about material benefits, but also about helping each other grow and learn new things.

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Life at Vacuumlabs

We value and respect each other while trying to create the best possible environment for all of us. It’s not only about material benefits, but also about helping you grow and learn new things. We call it the Vacuumlabs way.