FAQ about applying to Vacuumlabs


I’m past my thirties—am I too old to join you?

No, not at all. Your age doesn’t matter. Whether you’re finishing high school or university studies, or have decades of experience behind you. What matters is your talent and passion.

I’m currently overseas working for a client. Can I begin the hiring process remotely?

You can participate and complete the entire process remotely, so there’s absolutely nothing holding you back.

Software Engineer

I don’t have experience with the tech stack you use. Can I still apply?

It doesn’t matter that you haven’t worked with our tech stack before. We’re looking for people eager to learn new things. What’s important is your talent, sense of responsibility, and your general coding skills.

What will I do besides writing code?

You might find yourself to design solution architecture, mentor and lead less experienced colleagues, improve the development process, learn new technologies and share your insights with the team. You could also talk at meetups and conferences all over the world.

I’m a senior software engineer with 10+ years of experience—do I have to undergo all three rounds in your hiring process?

Yes. We have specific requirements for software engineers and the years of experience aren’t the main criterion.

Are you looking for senior or junior software engineers?

Yes, we’re looking for both senior and junior software engineers. Above all, we’re looking for talent, and bright minds eager to grow.

Are you interested in working at Vacuumlabs?