First Crypto ETF, an exchange-traded fund with the ability to purchase multiple types of coins in a single transaction

By offering people the ability to purchase multiple types of coins in a single transaction, First Crypto ETF makes cryptocurrency more accessible to the average person. You don’t have to spend hours analysing the markets or fretting over which currency is right for you. You only have to monitor the price of one token.

The scope of our involvement

We supported the creation of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) containing a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, with shares in the fund represented by crypto tokens. Our team has developed the tokens, hot and cold wallets and the website supporting ICO token exchange and client account management.

Engagement Highlights

We implemented two new Ethereum-based tradeable cryptocurrency tokens and an ETF token with an automated and continuous rebalancing based on the overall portfolio value.

Vacuumlabs implemented for us an automated portfolio and token balancer trading on two independent exchanges, 2 completely new, Ethereum-based cryptocurrency tokens, portfolio overview dashboard, automatic generation of PCFs and helped us with listing the token on the digital assets exchange. Their approach was professional and prompt. They proved their skill in the field and provided useful guidance throughout the process. Although project was rather complex, we always felt confident with Vacuumlabs – they swiftly adjusted to any necessary changes and listened to feedback while always staying transparent and responsive. We are pleased with the final result they managed to complete within the estimated timeframe.


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