Finance Business Partner

We are looking for a new member of our Finance team.

A thinker, but also a doer. Someone who isn’t afraid to say what he/she thinks (even to our board members).

Someone who likes challenges and the environment of fast-growing companies – did we mention, we grew from a small Slovak startup to a middle-sized company with many successful projects around the globe? Are you up for the challenge?

About Vacuumlabs

We’re Vacuumlabs, a design and software development partner. As highly experienced with the latest technologies across multiple industries, we are expanding at a breakneck pace.

We focus on fintech, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. We are eager to improve things around us, learn new things, and innovate.

We work hard to bring the technology of the 21st century to the banking industry. Cryptocurrencies are the future, that’s why we’ve created the safest crypto wallet for the world’s 7th largest cryptocurrency — Cardano.

We are searching particularly for people, who aren’t afraid of autonomy and responsibility; colleagues who are eager to learn new things and improve at what they do.

You will have an impact. We aren’t afraid of supporting your side projects. A good example is ReactiveConf: our side project has grown into one of the top 5 tech conferences in the world in its field.

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for a new member of our Finance team focusing on our Hungarian entity. You have a Finance background and you like to solve a variety of problems. You have a very valuable life skill to stay organized and keep track of tasks even if you have many of them.

Fast company growth brings many challenges so you shouldn’t be afraid to explore and learn new things, study tax laws, accounting, and compliance practices. That means sometimes you will need to study on your own, but you can always ask your new team members for external consulting.

You can spot frictions in processes and think about how to make them as smooth and with as few dependencies as possible, and lead the process improvement initiatives.

You are able to communicate with our Hungarian accountant partner proactively and take the initiative in improving the ongoing processes with them and to plan new processes as we grow.

In your new position you will be:

  • putting together various reports: profit and loss reports, management reports, and internal reporting,
  • preparing income/expense forecasts and budgets,
  • reporting directly to our lovely CFO
  • charming us with ad hoc analysis of the company’s performance,
  • improving our current processes and adjusting them to the constant growth of the company,
  • confirming incoming invoices,
  • issuing outgoing client invoices and discussing details with project managers,
  • communicating with accountants and other external financial institutions,
  • supporting our contractors by sharing news and deadlines that might affect them,
  • assisting with the processes required for our annual audit
  • supporting intercompany billing settlements and loan settlements
  • researching and studying tax laws and regulations

What skills will you need

We are a company, operating on 3 continents, so English is our common language. You will be working with Microsoft Excel, Google sheets and you will be using your analytical skills to solve your day to day problems. We will give you all the freedom you need, to take ownership of new projects and to report (and solve) all problems and flaws that you spot – no corporate (unnecessarily long) processes will stand in your way. Experience with accounting and insight into the Hungarian tax system is required.

What do we offer:

They say money makes the world go round – so how can working in finance be dull?

This is an opportunity to gain insight into how a fast-growing company operates, and you will learn a lot about cutting-edge IT technology as a bonus.

As the company grows and expands internationally, new and new challenges come up, which include risk management, cash flow management, compliance across EU regulations and various tax systems, process improvement and set-up, providing consulting services for our subcontractors, etc.

We offer autonomy in making decisions that impact the company, the ability to manage your workplace, and time when you work. We offer a part-time position with a potential to grow into a full time position. We offer transparency and support feedback culture, where you are encouraged to tell your boss they’re wrong if you believe so, and where you can go directly to the CEO if you have concerns that you think affect the company.


Part-time job


600 – 1,500 EUR



Or send us an email at

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A few perks we call benefits

In Vacuumlabs we value and respect each other. We’re trying to create the best possible environment for all of us. It’s not only about material benefits, but also about helping each other grow and learn new things.

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Life at Vacuumlabs

We value and respect each other while trying to create the best possible environment for all of us. It’s not only about material benefits, but also about helping you grow and learn new things. We call it the Vacuumlabs way.