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Bring banking to life with engaging UX

Building on the initial product concept, our team ran iterative design and development cycles to create a delightful and unique product for kids.
The collaboration helped us conceptualize, create, and test from various practices – leveraging gamification and experience design principles from multiple industries to create an engaging product.

Product Strategy

Product Definition

Feature Definition

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Prototype with power

Design that engages and empowers communities

Building on the product definition phase, we collaborated to prototype and test the product experience with potential customers. Our process allowed us to continually implement improvements and variations to the product experience. With the help of the target community, we were able to validate our research and meet customer needs.

Product vision

Product Strategy

Feature Definition


Design with impact

Product design and engineering with identity

Doconomy approached us with a concept and a core brand experience, with great potential for a new product. Our integrated team of designers and engineers worked collaboratively to iterate and bring a world class product to market. The result is an award-winning application true to the original mission and style of the brand.

UX Design

UI Design


Once you find a partner that fully understands your needs, and your ambitions, and the challenges ahead – and is committed to addressing them together with you – you should really cling on to that partner. Because that partnership has tremendous value, for your current and for your next challenges.

Mathias Wikström

CEO Doconomy

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