Your evaluation is:

You may or may have fallen victim to some of the following fintech fails:

  • Rigid, outdated delivery processes tripping up your IT team
  • Legacy code that is a nightmare to work in
  • An existing product that is full of small, strange bugs that add up <bug emoji.exe>
  • Insufficient or unfocused testing 

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We’ve supported dozens of companies in building solid products that last. 

Vacuumlabs is a trusted development partner which will allow GPS to increase our existing technical capabilities and further advance our mission of enabling financial empowerment for everyone.


Joanne Dewar


Once you find a partner that fully understands your needs, your ambitions, and the challenges ahead – and is committed to addressing them together with you – you should really cling on to that partner.


Mathias Wikström

CEO of Doconomy

Thanks to the lean thinking of the Vacuumlabs team, and their ability to develop products at speed, we can get our products to market very fast to swiftly respond to our customers’ needs.


Paul Barnes-Hoggett

Co-Founder & CTO of Daylight

Vacuumlabs was crucial during this phase to ensure the feasibility, Galgal to ensure the viability and to ensure the desirability – these are the 3 interconnected parts of our innovative product.


Harsh Chhatrapati

Founder & CEO at Galgal


Vacuumlabs is team of experienced engineers, product designers and data scientists. 

We have extensive experience across multiple industries including fintech, financial services, lifestyle, travel and healthcare.

See our past projects here.

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