Fighting fraud and suspicious payments

London-based Cybertonica serves merchants and platforms to prevent fraud and creates robust risk scores to increase the zone of trust for payers and the payment systems worldwide.

The scope of our involvement

We helped to improve the e/m-commerce purchasing experience for consumers through the provision of highly secure risk-based authentication across all channels. Consumers feel 100 % online safety which reduces dropout rates and increases average basket size.

We also provided a development team working in conjunction with the in-house team distributed across the UK and Russia. Our team is also a part of the European hub for deployment within new corporate clients.

Engagement highlights

In addition to leading the front-end and back-end developments, our team has worked extensively on a mobile SDK to capture the metadata used by machine learning algorithms for fraud detection.

Working with Vacuumlabs has been a great way for us to build our product quickly. They gave us the right people, right skills at the right pace, and it has been a great help into making us a world-class product.


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