Hire a ready team that knows how to succeed

Right approach is the key essence to success. Start with minimum viable feature set. Deploy. Learn. Then go bigger. Iterate until success.



Real web app, that doesn't need F5-ing and looks good on all the devices, even on desktops!

Phones & Tablets

Thanks to React Native, it feels smooth and, well, native.

Universal code

Speed the development with up to 80% codebase reuse between Android and iOS thanks to React.


Beautiful APIs

We love REST. It allows building robust backends and yet keeps them simple.


Need to integrate with a Bank, CRM, identity provider or blockchain service? Move faster by building on top of other services.

Data pipelines

These constantly working processes will help you to prepare data for a data-driven product.


Easily scallable

Ease the scaling issues with stateless architecture powered by cloud services.

Knowledge mining

Even quick data-crunching can give you powerful knowledge about your customer base.


End-to-end encryption of sensible data or making your system fully auditable? We know how to please regulators.