Reduced Redux: Juraj Machac’s ReactiveConf talk

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Reduced Redux

Redux is a predictable state container for JS apps. It helps to achieve consistency by keeping data in a single state and managing state changes via dispatching actions. The idea itself is often misunderstood—the necessary code management is interpreted as a boilerplate, and coders seek any library which helps them write a little less code. Most of the approaches which try to reduce this ‘boilerplate’ seem to miss the point. In this talk, Juraj presents an approach that preserves many of the important guarantees of redux and also introduces some new nice features with less code. Juraj also talks about how to transition from traditional Redux to this Reduced redux gradually.

Juraj Machac debuted on ReactiveConf’s Discovery stage last year. Juraj is our senior full-stack engineer and project lead on multiple fintech projects. His passion revolves mainly around React, proper state management, and code architecture.


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