Receiving personalised skincare in the comfort of your home or office

Jan Visnovsky
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Most dermatologist clinics lack the flexibility to adjust to patients busy lives and schedules. dermoi! brings advanced facial treatments done by professional skin care therapists anywhere at any time. Clients can choose from a range of facial treatments suitable for every skin type and can treat any skin condition.

Insight: onboarding new users

Onboarding has always been a significant pain-point for digital product builders. The question is: How to reduce friction and make the interface more accessible to many users? Our process was as follows: we set-up a hypothesis and user-tested our concept. With a validated conversational interface for the onboarding process, we improved how people interact with the service. This has led to a significantly higher onboarding conversion.

We also designed an accessible platform that matches clients with a certified therapist. Users can select specific procedures by a certified therapist in the comfort of their home and at any time. A client can easily order a treatment, and a therapist can be with them in just two hours.

Scope of Involvement

During five months we designed and built the whole platform from the ground up. Starting from the server through web apps for clients and admins to Android & iOS mobile apps for therapists. We provided dermoi! with a complete solution: from an analysis of requirements, the design of wireframes up to the responsive UI, full development team, and support after a successful launch.

You can read more about our approach to product design, UX and UI here.

Jan Visnovsky

Product Strategist

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