On the future of payments with Nick Kerigan

Inside the Vacuum #003
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Nick Kerigan is a Fintech and Payments industry veteran, most recently at the role Managing Director – Future Payments at Barclaycard. His team has been responsible for designing and developing innovations such as the award-winning Grab+Go and Dine & Dash.

In this episode, we talk about the UK fintech ecosystem helping out with the COVID-19 crisis, power of banking-as-a-service, co-branded cards for Batman fans and more. Listen until the end to hear Nick answer the billion dollar question: What is the future of payments and banking?

Please enjoy!

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Here is a rundown of the episode, if you want to jump ahead:

  • 01:50 Why banks like Barclays partner with fintechs 
  • 06:20 UK Fintech community helping out with Coronavirus relief 
  • 12:05 The power of banking as a service like Railsbank 
  • 20:45 Your bank transactions in Excel. Will this work? 
  • 26:44 Getting kids and teenagers to use banking 
  • 31:50 On getting a Batman card and the future of co-branded card 
  • 38:35 What is the future of payments and banking?

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Note: Apologies for the lower audio quality at times.

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