Investing and banking with Sheel Mohnot

Inside the Vacuum #007
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Sheel is co-founder of Better Tomorrow, a seed stage VC firm investing in Fintech companies globally. His own startup experience includes 2 successful FinTech exits – a payments company and a high-stakes auction company, and he is GP of the 500 Fintech fund. He formerly worked as a financial services consultant at BCG and started his FinTech career at the non-profit p2p lender Kiva.

In this episode, we speak about investments, banking and its future. Sheel shares his vast experiences in the field and reveals his strategy behind identifying successful startups.

Please enjoy!

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Here is a rundown of the episode, if you want to jump ahead:

  • 01:05 Sheel’s own podcast inspired by the shark tank
  • 03:09 Decision-making process of investing into a company
  • 09:45 Future prediction – cases like Wells Fargo 
  • 11:55 What BWS stand for
  • 16:15 Experiences of being a part of Groupon and Kiva. org
  • 22:35 What Sheel wish he knew before starting investing

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