How making friends early helped Cledara grow with Cristina Villa

Inside the Vacuum #002
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On this episode of Banking in Air, we speak to Cristina Vila, the founder of Cledara. Cristina founded her company after seeing how painful managing software-as-a-service subscriptions were for other founders and their CFOs. Cledara empowers companies to manage all their subscriptions in one place, track budgets, and have all invoices in one place.

We spoke about how the company got started and how she managed to build her very own “Friends of Cledara” community very early on. They helped her build the first minimum viable product, win “Best SaaS Startup of the Year” at SaaStock 2018 and then raise capital from Anthemis and BBVA. Thus, she could continue her journey and open up new opportunities. Listen until the very end to hear a radically simple phrase to help you overcome challenges and communicate better with people around you.

Please enjoy!

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Here is a rundown of the episode, if you want to jump ahead:

  • 0:14 What is Cledara and how it works
  • 5:41 Target customers of Cledara
  • 6:23 Biggest challenges
  • 13:43 Rewards program
  • 14:35 How was name of company created
  • 16:30 Products that didn’t work
  • 18:07 How COVID-19 affected business
  • 20:21 What billboard would you put up at your hometown?

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