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It might seem from the latest trending pictures on our social media, that our HQ in Bratislava is the place to be. And don’t get us wrong, it’s an amazing place. We are fully enjoying all the perks our reborn coworking –the Spot– has to offer. But besides our HQ office, there are more Vacuumlabs offices that deserve the spotlight. They are located in some of the coolest cities in the center of Europe (where we find the world’s top-ranked developers and engineers). Due to the comfortable sizes of these cities, they have an atmosphere of a small cozy family environment, yet a lot of momentum and energy. Let me introduce you to these places, and see for yourself if they would be a great match for you!

We are proud to call all of the below five cities our home, and we’re excited to tell you a bit about the teams and people that make the Vacuumlabs culture unique in each city. Have a look:  

Vacuumlabs in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary is known for its thermal baths, delicious food, wine, and a lot of historical sites. Our Budapest office has become known internally for their enormous list of online team-building activities they hosted during the past year: Quiz night, Tabletop simulator, Among Us, Backyard, and more. They just seem to never have enough friendly competitions and challenges. And if the weather is good and there are no COVID-19 restrictions in place, they love to go out for a bike tour, play with petanque outdoors or go for a picnic. As if that isn’t enough yet, it’s worth mentioning they are planning a trip to an Alpaca farm this year!  If you stop by, our office manager Réka will show you around, and if you decide to take a part in one of the competitive activities, watch out for our colleague Gergő who somehow ends up winning everything.

“I love the team spirit on all levels and the tools we use on a daily basis, like Slack and Asana. I also love that the headquarters encourages the smaller offices to take opportunities to get to know each other and organizes cool team-building activities. Beyond that, I am grateful for the managers who support me in my personal growth and, most of all, I am happy to be in such an open and motivating environment.“ says Réka Baráth.

Vacuumlabs in Brno

“Brno is just far enough and close enough to your parent’s house.“

This information has been confirmed by a lot of Slovak uni students deciding where to go next as well as our Vacuumlabs talents working from an apartment that is located just right in the middle of the historic centrum of Brno. To everyone at Vacuumlabs, the Brno team is known as one big family that always likes to welcome both new people as well as teammates from different cities. Believe it or not, even some people from Bratislava “got adopted” by the Brno team and have their own keys to the office as they love to spend time there. One of the newest members of the family is our office manager Iva who fits in so well, she immediately makes everyone feel at home.

“I love the way I was hired! Maja Hapáková, nowadays head of our recruitment team, saw my name on a mathematical competition list from my high school times. She thought I did quite well and was interested in learning what I decided to do with my career. When she found out that I had ended up in IT, she was determined to have me at Vacuumlabs. And that’s what I appreciate about the company: the personal approach, the family-like atmosphere, and of course the interesting types of projects.“ says István Szentandrási.

Vacuumlabs in Košice

Košice is the center of design in our world — this is the office in which the creative minds and crafty hands of our designers do their magic, and create designs that become a competitive edge for our customers. Besides that, it also houses a great bunch of our developers. Both of these teams enjoy one or two beers together, as well as laser games, escape rooms, and great food. They’re also known for chemex breaks after lunch. If you want to have a cup of their delicious coffee, our office manager Janka will be happy to prepare it by hand!

Vacuumlabs in Prague

The heart of Europe does not need a lot of introduction. However, our Prague office is growing and expanding every day and we might soon move from our lovely flat in Dejvice to somewhere else. Till then, our lovely office manager Sára, will take care of an awesome mix of developers, marketers, and lawyers working on many of our spin-offs, and will be asking everyone to join her on a walk through Stromovka and finish off with a beer on Letná. 

Vacuumlabs HQ in Bratislava

While the heart of Europe is in Prague, Vacuumlabs’ beating heart has always been in Bratislava. Even though we had been hopping on and off different office spaces, these days, we are back home in our re-opened co-working space called The Spot where we first got started a few years ago. 

But of course, a couple of things have changed, too. We are now located in the unique SKYPARK multifunctional project – designed by the world-renowned architectural studio of Zaha Hadid – rather than on the top floor of a historical building in the city center. We are enjoying the perks of these modern and functional offices and the amazing work environment it provides. And we are less distracted and more relaxed because we have all sorts of handy conveniences and services at our disposal, such as a fitness center, cafe, restaurant, children’s center, postal services, grocery shopping, and many other nice concierge services.

Some things have always stayed the same though. We are still sharing this space with other successful companies, striving to make the Slovak market as strong and successful as it can be. You can still meet Matej, Samuel, and Tomas in the hallways chatting to everyone, as well as see Sima (head of our office managers) running around making sure everything works just the way it supposed to, hear loud screams from our game rooms (don’t worry, we have soundproof rooms as well) or find your inner peace on yoga class with Kika. We genuinely feel like home here. 

Vacuumlabs around the world

Besides the above locations, we have also just opened a new office in Hong Kong and New York, as well as operate an office in London, but these locations will have to wait till next time to be put in the spotlight.

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