Atmosfera x Vacuumlabs: A collaboration for the future

We love to support and join up with welcoming spaces no matter what form they take.
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The fun of working with us comes in many forms and one of them is the cultural events we support and take part in. This summer we were a proud sponsor of Atmosfera Festival, a multi-genre festival for music, homemade goods, and speakers on a variety of global topics. Our Rychlotest-covid team also stepped in to manage all the logistics and test-kits for keeping the event responsible during times of covid.

Photo Martina Mlcuchova

Vacuumlabs has been friends of Atmosfera and it’s organizer Gretka Pavlovová since the emerging festival had about 200 attendees and Vacuumlabs had 23 people. Now we’ve met at a crossroads of exponential growth even during unprecedented times and continue to celebrate our resilience together. The festival perfectly encompasses our desire to support inclusive spaces that are conscious, welcoming, and enriching to everyone who joins them. 

People from Vacuumlabs have been attending the festival for years, but there’s more to our parallel history than just the numbers. Atmosfera festival is known for a lot of recurring guests that build their own friendly community, and that kind of long lasting and deep friendship is what we want to give everyone who joins us. 

We value attention to detail and quality, which is why we love the offering of homemade, locally sourced goods and the spotlight on indie artists Atmosfera brings. The program even extends into the educational topics our community loves to explore. We’re a curious group, so it’s exciting to see that this year the festival covered topics like biohacking, society, philosophy, and cryptocurrency. We even participated in informative programming – our cryptocurrency expert David Stancel joined in on a discussion and QA all about the world of crypto. 

With the variety of programming and friendly community, you can take anyone in your family – from your 2 year old to your 81 year old grandma to your most discerning teenage cousin. We love to support and join up with welcoming spaces no matter what form they take. And we can count on Atmosfera being a great place for everyone and would happily continue taking part with our Vacuumlabs team.

Photo Martina Mlcuchova

Our very own Martin Čudrnák shared his experiences attending the festival with his family and friends – who also happen to be his colleagues. Martin set out with 3 others from both Vacuumlabs and Rychlotest to carpool to the festival so he gave us a very colorful account of his experiences. 

“I hadn’t attended the festival before, but I love to discover new things. The first thing that caught my attention about Festival Atmosfera was how unique the experience and location was.The whole festival was really a great mix of modern and folk, giving it a very unique atmosphere that felt completely organic in that location” 

Martin goes on to describe the scenic atmosphere of the festival that starts long before you enter the festival grounds. The road eventually winds off the highway, and our group followed a winding path through the woods until they reached the festival grounds in a secluded forest clearing. Close to home, but still sequestered far from ordinary city life, and entirely organically placed in the surroundings. The final result is something in between a folk meeting with a timeless atmosphere and modern festival with above standard modern services and safety. 

“I did end up discovering a new band too. Malalata – a kind of balkan folk-modern genre that you can really get exercise dancing to.”

Photo Martina Mlcuchova

Another member of our Vacuumlabs team, Eva Fackova, joined the festival as an organizer. We want people to feel comfortable pursuing their passions and projects here, so we’re really glad this came together perfectly. Eva explains her involvement with a lot of heart: 

“I have a big connection to Atmosfera. I met Vacuumlabs thanks to the link that already existed between them and it’s a collaboration I want to build on long term. Atmosfera is the reason I have this great work at Vacuumlabs, and Vacuumlabs is the reason I have the freedom to continue working with Atmosfera.” 

For Eva, the whole experience was deeply emotional because it was the first live event she, or most people there, could take part in after a year of lockdowns and doubt. 

“There was a huge feeling of freedom and joy for me and it radiated off everyone there. It was equally cool seeing people there wearing Vacuumlabs shirts and seeing the friendly faces of my new colleagues at this festival.” 

With a program and community as varied and unique as Vacuumlabs, this collaboration was a natural choice and we’re excited to see where it goes next.

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