How to stand out of the crowd in the Chinese market

Moser Mohr, a wine producer, not believing in conformity was introducing a new wine brand to the Chinese market. The challenge was to create a strong impression without any real budget for marketing activities.

Jan Visnovsky
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Qualitative research revealed that customers had a dilemma which bottle of wine should they buy. They were paralysed by choice. The target group was identified as a younger audience. Naturally, this audience wants something expressive, just like themselves.

Region of Pannonia [pəˈnoʊniə]

The wine brand got its name, PannoPanno, after the Pannonia province of the Roman Empire bordered north and east by the Danube, eastern Austria.

Our approach

We realised that the brand and labelling needed to stand out on a crowded supermarket shelf. Our design strategy was to visually distinguish the bottle from all other wine producers. We achieved this creating a slick modern design. A bold visual was inspired by the proper level you should maintain while pouring a bottle. The resulting identity differentiates the product by packaging and allows for flexibility of the identity system in its application.


Panno Panno is a natural eye-catcher paired with a funny interaction joke. Picking it up and tilting it the right way brings out an everyday smile. Positive emotions create bonds. Bonds form memories. Memories connect us through time and space. Prost!

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Jan Visnovsky

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