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EMURGO’s and Vacuumlabs’ success in delivering Yoroi crypto wallet

From a passion project to a secure crypto wallet with 170k+ downloads! When Vacuumlabs developers created a web version of a crypto wallet for the Ada cryptocurrency — the currency associated to Cardano — in their free time, they had no idea about the success it would bring.

How dragons transform into unicorns

If dragons could create successful unicorns, the rewards would be immense! What is the story behind Mox by Standard Chartered?

Banking on Air meets EMURGO

Listen to our episode with Nicolas Arqueros, CTO of EMURGO, and find out more about blockchain and cryptocurrency Ada!

About Vacuumlabs

Vacuumlabs provides teams of flexible software engineers and designers with years of experience building fintech, online marketplaces, and digital products.

Every step of the way, Vacuumlabs experts collaborate with clients, so that they can move fast, learn and iterate as they build world-class products together.

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