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Growing Together

Whenever we’re able, we organize company events that connect our offices and let us see our remote colleagues in person.

Why we Love Typescript – the Power of Javascript, Plus More…

Here’s our case for why we love Typescript, and why you should try it out, too. Typescript isn’t opinionated, and can co-exist nicely alongside Javascript. Which makes it far more likely to stick around for the long term. It also just happens to be an excellent language to work with.

Bitcoin: a layered evolution of money

Money is layered – and has been so for hundreds of years. Bitcoin is evolving in a similar manner. There seems to be a natural tendency for a strong monetary base layer, on which further, more agile instruments are built.

An Isolated Place: Writing Software for Crypto Hardware Wallets

Today, we want to take you on a tour through the odd world of hardware wallets. Over the years, Vacuumlabs engineers have gained extensive experience with this technology, so it seemed fun to share some of the learnings with fellow developers…

Behind the scenes: how we built AdaLite, the first Cardano light wallet.

In late 2017, we bought a few coins and wanted to store them securely. The whole ecosystem was relatively immature, so we decided to implement a good wallet that’d be secure enough, and that’d suit our needs. It seemed pretty straightforward; you do some crypto-mojo of hashing and signing in Javascript and broadcast the resulting transaction. This is kind of a task which makes you ask yourself, “OK, and what will I do in the afternoon?” Obviously, we couldn’t be more wrong.

How to Build a Google-like Search for Trademarks

You start your business. Than someone suggests you should trademark your brand. Oh no! You find out that the name you have chosen cannot be trademarked. Game over – unless you don’t think ahead.

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