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Building on Bitcoin, part two: Sidechains, Wrapped Bitcoin

In the previous article, we’ve covered the layered approach to scaling Bitcoin: a conservative base layer, the dynamically growing Lightning Network on top of it, and a third application layer tapping into the Lightning graph. To complete our analysis of various approaches to scaling Bitcoin, we’ll cover sidechains and wrapped bitcoin in today’s post.

Growing Together

We do our best to connect our offices and our colleagues’ families to keep that welcoming network in place. Everyone belongs in our community, regardless of age, preferences, or the type of family they’ve built.

Why we Love Typescript – the Power of Javascript, Plus More…

Here’s our case for why we love Typescript, and why you should try it out, too. Typescript isn’t opinionated, and can co-exist nicely alongside Javascript. Which makes it far more likely to stick around for the long term. It also just happens to be an excellent language to work with.

Bitcoin: a layered evolution of money

Money is layered – and has been so for hundreds of years. Bitcoin is evolving in a similar manner. There seems to be a natural tendency for a strong monetary base layer, on which further, more agile instruments are built.

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