Hiring only the Top 1%

Doesn't mean we’re playing hard to get.

Regional Top Talent
By selectively tapping into the Central European’s talent pool, we’re able to augment, extend or substitute in-house tech teams. We give top talent a way to work on highly interesting projects, without the need of relocation.
Our colleagues regularly participate and win hackathons. 12 to this date. We also co-organize them, focusing mainly on fintech.
For many years now, we run popular classes on Webdesign, Webapps and Software development at the local universities.
As a past time, we organize math and computer science competitions for university and high school students to promote STEM studies.
Our colleagues build electro-bikes, home automation gadgets and food production devices, in their spare time.
Quantum computing research
We've led research on Quantum computing at some of the top institutions in the region.
We have won more awards from olympiads in Math, Physics and Informatics than we have colleagues.

TOP 1%

Thanks to our highly selective hiring strategy, we’re able to attract developers that belong to the top percentile of the regional talent.

100%17%8%4%2%TOP 1%

All candidates (100%)

Our candidates consists of inbound applications, our network of expat communities, local high-performers, rising stars and from referrals of our colleagues.

Experienced member (1%)

Our colleagues are regularly given feedback, attend workshops and conferences in order to ensure they have the skills to perform at the highest level. Code reviews, timeline reviews make sure that you are getting the best possible results.