A carefully calculated approach to climate change

Sometimes it’s the smallest pebbles that make the biggest splash.

Sometimes it’s the smallest pebbles that make the biggest splash. It’s particularly true when it comes to innovation; a simple idea can be the very thing that propels a business into the global arena. But like finding the perfect pebble on a large beach, it sometimes takes another pair of eyes to spot the ideas and features that have the most potential.

For Swedish fintech Doconomy, the collaboration with Vacuumlabs accelerated their journey to making a global impact. We recognized Doconomy’s tremendous potential, and helped it build its most crucial innovation into a world-class product: the 2030 Calculator.

How did it happen?

Doconomy was already a success before it approached us, with industry recognition in the form of multiple major awards for its pioneering credit card. This had a unique feature: a built-in system that calculated carbon limits for its credit card users and customers.

This concept had turned the industry on its head: rather than promoting consumerism, it limited the ability to spend not on available credit, but on the levels of CO2 emission caused by the owner’s purchases.

Doconomy quickly became a huge success but it needed to have its message accelerated internationally. The potential was clear but although Doconomy had its vision and its eyes on the big picture, it was looking for a partner to support in the next steps.

This is where Vacuumlabs came in. We instantly saw the potential global reach of Doconomy’s ideas, and we started looking at ways to help Doconomy create a product that could be made available to anyone, regardless of their geographic location. And that’s when we spotted the shiny pebble – the key idea that Doconomy’s innovation hinged on.

The methodology that Doconomy had created for the 2030 Calculator was incredibly interesting, giving brands and users the ability to dive deep into the specifics of a product and measure its carbon impact.

What did it take?

After extensive discussions with Doconomy, we designed a technological solution for the 2030 Calculator. The result of a 3-month collaboration between 3 Vacuumlabs developer guides and Doconomy’s design theme, this web-based service calculates the carbon impact of brands and merchandisers who are interested in climate change, and willing to bring transparency into their processes. By simply entering a product’s production data, the 2030 Calculator returns the CO2 emissions.

And because the 2030 Calculator is available via a web browser, Vacuumlabs has given Doconomy the ability to put it onto the global stage.

“Working with Vacuumlabs was a perfect match. We have worked with several providers over the time, but Vacuumlabs is actually the first one to realy act as a partner, because in this project, it’s not as much about the challenge we have in front of us in trying to solve this and enable brands to do this, as it’s important who we have by our side, trying to resolve this issue together.” – Mathias Wikström, CEO, Doconomy

What is Planet Loyalty?

The 2030 Calculator is one component of Planet Loyalty – an initiative with huge potential for change.

It’s a loyalty program with one significant difference: its focus on brands’ transparency and their carbon imprint. Transparency is already an important watchword – as we move forward, transparent relationships with customers are going to be the difference between brands making it or breaking it.

It’s a key differentiator between businesses who conduct sustainable operations – and those who don’t. With every aspect of the supply chain coming under increased scrutiny from all quarters, it’ll be the organizations who prioritize sustainability who will have a place in the future.

What’s next for you?

Our story is far from over. We explore the technical aspects of the 2030 Calculator and our work with Doconomy in our case study, and there’s even more to be told in our podcast. And if you’re looking for guidance in your projects, contact us – we’ll be happy to talk it over.

“Without the skillsets and the capabilities of Vacuumlabs, we wouldn’t be in such a good place as we are now. So we are extremely grateful for the collaboration, and we are super excited about what’s to come.” – Johan Pihl, Founder & Head of Innovation, Doconomy

“Once you find a partner that fully understands your needs, and your ambitions, and the challenges ahead – and is committed to addressing them together with you – you should really cling on to that partner. Because that partnership has tremendous value, for your current and for your next challenges.” – Mathias Wikström, CEO, Doconomy

Do you want to find out more about Doconomy and our cooperation? Listen to our podcast!


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