4 Cases for AI – Empower Your Business Today

From crafting dynamic personas for customer roleplay to integrating AI with communication tools and simulating complex transactions, AI's versatility shines.

We explore 4 real world applications to inspire your next big move.

Sometimes hype just isn’t enough. We like to see proof-of-concept and tangible use cases for advancements in technology.

This walkthrough showcases tried and tested AI use cases implemented for our clients and currently ongoing at Vacuumlabs. From roleplaying with AI to simulate customer interactions, to integrating AI for efficient communication management and complex transaction simulations, our experiences highlight the transformative power of AI in enhancing productivity and decision-making processes.

Let’s dive right in: 

Case #1 🧑 Roleplay with AI

AI roleplaying transforms product development by simulating customer personas, allowing businesses to expand their testing sample size quickly and effectively. This innovative method enables virtual interviews and proposition testing with AI-generated personas, providing rapid, actionable insights. The approach streamlines the testing process, enhances product alignment with customer needs, and significantly improves market readiness.

Our case:

One of our clients was designing propositions for specific ages and life scenarios of their fintech product, we augmented the process with AI personas. The steps were simple: 

  • Multiple propositions were tested on AI personas with generated images and defined backstories.
  • Customer interviews were conducted with AI individuals.
  • This process can be repeated throughout the entire build process of the products, to test and retest features and how well they truly measure up to your audience.

Case #2 🏡 Understanding your world through Slack

By integrating Slack and Notion with OpenAI APIs, the system uses artificial intelligence to automate and optimize the handling of messages and document workflows. AI algorithms analyze content, prioritize tasks, and even respond to queries in real-time, reducing manual intervention and improving response efficiency across platforms.

Our case:

Slack chat and Notion for internal docs are integral parts of our organization, so we connected these two with OpenAI APIs.

  • Vacuumlabs back office team processes around 4,000 messages per year, averaging ten minutes per message.
  • Through our AI implementation, we reduced the workload by a third.
  • Almost 90% of answers were correct, but the wrong ones were the most tricky – consisting of multiple sources or requiring some additional knowledge about the user. That’s why we incorporated the slack id (a unique employee id number) to obtain additional info about the user. This way we could assume the default office location, department and other basic information to provide more relevant results.

Case #3 🤝 Transaction simulator

AI large language models are pivotal in simulating real-world scenarios for application development, creating dynamic, data-driven environments that mimic actual user interactions and transactions.

This technology allows developers to generate comprehensive test data and validate the functionality and feasibility of their prototypes more effectively. The ability to simulate complex life scenarios and transaction behaviors ensures that products are well-tuned to real-world conditions before launch, greatly enhancing reliability and user satisfaction.

Our case:

When developing applications for our clients, we often need sample and test data to build rapid prototypes and prove feasibility of our tech.

  • AI Large Language models can be used to not only respond to your inputs. They can simulate the real world based on the data they receive.
  • We built on the work done with roleplaying personas to simulate their lives and interactions with the world. You can then simulate real-world transaction data of your personas.
  • This goes beyond just simple transaction data and can be used to simulate anything event based happening inside your organization.

Case #4  🐝 Customer support

AI can transform the way support requests are managed through the integration of artificial intelligence. Facing the challenge of processing thousands of client requests.

This can significantly enhance customer support by automating responses to common inquiries, increasing efficiency and reducing response times. AI systems can analyze and process vast amounts of data instantly, offering personalized assistance based on customer history and preferences.

Such an application of this technology also enables 24/7 support capabilities, ensuring that customer needs are met at all times, regardless of human agent availability. By handling routine queries, AI frees up human agents to tackle more complex issues, ultimately improving overall customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Our case:

Although we can’t currently talk about our most exciting projects in the works, we can tell you that they are performing many tasks on the level of human customer support agents and improving with every iteration.

Our Oasis AI agent chatbots function like a bee colony where each bee is responsible for one domain and all responses to the client are processed and sent by the queen. Each agent (bee) has access to relevant information from the database, relevant documents, and retains a history in memory.

The benefits and capabilities of AI optimization are clear

These examples provide a valuable proof of concept for how AI can streamline business processes and slash costs. From crafting dynamic personas for customer roleplay to integrating AI with communication tools and simulating complex transactions, AI’s versatility shines. Our AI integration journey has not only boosted efficiency but also opened new pathways for future business innovation.

Ready to get a boost with AI?

Check out our new Oasis AI services and we can come up with a solution tailored to your needs.


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